Waterpik Ultra VS Aquarius: Know the Best

Water flossers have no doubt become the best way to rinse your mouth with. Compared to regular flossing, it is more convenient to use; it consumes less time; and it has been proven to improve the general health of your teeth and gums with regular use.

However, we here at Beautisdom are more than aware that unlike regular dental floss, water flossers aren’t light purchases; you could call them more as investments.

As such, we’re here to show you which water flosser give you the most bang out of your buck, and there’s no better way to do that than by comparing two of the most popular models out there. So, Waterpik Ultra VS the Aquarius? Which one will come out on top?

The Aquarius

To start off, we’re going to introduce you the Aquarius. Now, this model is also made by Waterpik, the ones that also make the Ultra. As such, the Aquarius is actually a more updated version of their Ultra line, particularly their WP-100 water floss.

The Ultra

The Waterpik Ultra, on the other hand, has been around for quite some time now and is considered one of the most popular water floss units out there in the market. With its reliability and price, this model has become the standard for water flossers everywhere. But, when pitted against the Aquarius, can we still say the same thing? Well, let’s find out!

Benefits of the Aquarius

As we said, it’s a more updated version of the Ultra, so Waterpik made sure to add newer features to it. here are a few of them:

  • It has a 30-second timer that will help you make sure you get an even rinse and floss session each time you use it
  • There’s an LED indicator that will help you keep track whether your Aquarius is working at optimum levels
  • The Aquarius’ Hydro Pulse setting gives your gums a gentle massage to improve its health
  • This model was designed with a very sleek body, which means it won’t take too much space on your counter
  • There’s a designer series available, where you can choose from a variety of colors to help match your bathroom’s motif.
  • A sleek handle and hose makes the Aquarius easier to use

Benefits of the Ultra

Despite the newer features found in the Waterpik Aquarius, don’t be so quick to dismiss the trusty Ultra, especially if we’re talking about the WP-100 model. Find out about its standout features below:

  • The Ultra WP-100 features perhaps one of the most useful and convenient water floss tanks out there: it has a removable lid, which means it won’t get in the way of your unit’s tubing.
  • Despite its larger size compared to the Aquarius, the Ultra has a more convenient tip storage that is also replaceable
  • Its bigger holster for your handle means it doesn’t put too much pressure on it and the handle, making it last longer
  • Of course, given that this is an older model we’re talking about, the Ultra WP-100 is more affordable compared to the Aquarius

How do you make a decision?

Well, it all boils down to your personal oral health needs. But, to help you, allow us here at Beautisdom to give you a more in-depth comparison between the Ultra and the Aquarius.

Water Control

Both the Aquarius and the Ultra have gauges in their handles that you could use to control the pressure of water coming out of them.

The Reservoir

Both models have reservoirs that are covered, which ensures that the water you use will be kept free from any contaminants.

Tip Storage Unit

The Waterpik Aquarius and the Waterpik Ultra, respectively, have a covered tip storage that make sure your flossers are not sullied by germs and bacteria coming from your surroundings

Massage Modes

The Aquarius has a hydro pulse feature that gently massages your gums using water pressure coming from your handle’s tip. The Ultra, however, does not have this feature, and instead opts for that classic, steady stream.

LED Indicators

The Aquarius has an LED mode indicator, since it has a hydro pulse feature. As such, the Ultra does not. After all, why would you put a mode indicator for a water flosser that only has one pulse setting?

Pressure Settings

Keep in mind that there’s a difference between pulse and pressure settings, which you could read about more on the manuals that come with your Waterpik units. But, speaking of pressure settings, both the Aquarius and the Ultra have 10 options you can choose from.

Water Capacity

We calculate water capacity by the minute, meaning how long you can floss with the water inside the model’s reservoir. The Ultra and Aquarius both have reservoirs capable of storing water that can last up to a minute and a half of flossing.

Tips Included

Spare tips are important when it comes to water flossers, since these things tend to wear overtime. As such, the Aquarius has 7 tips included in the package, while the Ultra comes with 6.

The Warranty Length

As with most Waterpik products, both models have a warranty that lasts for 3 years upon purchase.

Length of Cord

Cords may not seem important, but they play a huge part in positioning your unit on the counter or whichever place you choose in your home. In this aspect, the Aquarius has a cord that is 53 inches long; the Ultra has one 54 inches in length.

The Handles

Waterpik handles have varying features on them depending on the model. In this case, the Aquarius has a button that can turn the water on or off, while the Ultra has one that pauses it. So, they’re basically the same.


Both models, as with other Waterpik products out there, operate with 110 volts.


The Aquarius has an LED display you can use, while the Ultra does not.


The Ultra doesn’t have a timer, while the Aquarius has one that can go from 30 seconds up to a minute.

Bonus features

The Aquarius has two modes: floss and pulse massage, which is also its main selling point. On the other hand, the Ultra has a handy tip storage for safekeeping.

The Verdict

Either of these water flossers are efficient in keeping your gums and teeth healthy and clean. However, if you’re looking for something that will simply do the job, then we suggest you go for the Ultra.

If, however, you’re interested in a less monotonous kind of floss, go with the Aquarius. Either way, you’re making a good choice opting for a trusty water flosser such as these units.