The Ultimate Guide on How to Straighten Teeth at Home Naturally

Most of us don’t know how to straighten teeth at home naturally, not to mention that this is the first time you’re probably hearing of this procedure. However, let us here at Beautisdom tell you that, yes, you can straighten your teeth at home, and the natural way!

First things First

Before we tell you all about the methods you could do to straighten out those pearly whites at home, we’re going to talk about what you should expect.

First of all, know that there is definitely nothing wrong with you, if you’re teeth are not perfectly straight: that’s pretty much a rarity. People are born without a straight line of molars and incisors, and it is relatively new that we are able to tamper with this particularly natural condition.

With that, though, we now have many ways with which we can get our teeth straightened, especially if we’re talking about dental procedures.

However, we are here to talk about how you can do it at home, and as such, make sure that you take all the necessary precautions when performing any and all of the methods we are about to tell you.

Despite the varying efficacy of each of the treatments we’re going to tell you about, an expert’s opinion – in this case your orthodontist – still must be your top priority.

Straightening Your Teeth at Home

For a number of reasons that are too many to list here, you may not be able to visit your orthodontist to have your teeth straightened out. As such, it does not mean that there is no way you can straighten your teeth at home. So, allow us to give you an idea on how you can do this.

The Pressure Technique

Much like how braces operate, which is by placing pressure on your teeth and gums, the pressure method involves the same. This way, your teeth may gradually move to its proper place and therefore become straightened out.

The question is: how can you do this at home? You are, after all, not an orthodontist with all the knowledge and tools to perform this procedure.

Well, the answer to that is pretty simple: you can use your own tongue to put gentle pressure on your teeth and move them. Of course, this is worlds apart from using actual braces, but it can help.

For one, you can try letting your tongue gently push on the space just along your gums and to whichever tooth’s proper place is.

Do this with your mouth closed – when not talking – and, overtime, there is a chance that your teeth may move to a more proper position.

Use Your Fingers or a Length of Dental Floss

Keep in mind that this technique also uses pressure, so be sure that you apply a gentle one or you risk causing severe damage to your gums and teeth. Especially with this method, which makes use of either your fingers or dental floss, safety must always come first.

Even worse, applying too much pressure on the tooth you want to straighten out may even result in loosening it if you’re not careful. So, how exactly does this method work?

Let’s start with the fingers. This is pretty much the same as using your tongue, except you can apply more pressure on it now. But, like we said, more pressure doesn’t mean that it’s good for you; just the right amount will do.

A more complex way to do this is by using makeshift dental bands for your teeth using dental floss or extra strong rubber bands.

However, this proves to be a technique that requires a lot of skill to perform, so we suggest it if you know how to make and apply dental bands all on your own, or else you might risk gum bleeding or having your teeth misaligned.

Simply put, do your research before diving into this method, since it’s not as simple as pushing your finger or tongue against your pearly whites.

Eat Healthy and Get those Chompers Straightened

Wait, what? What does eating healthy have to do with having your teeth straightened? A lot, if you ask us. Like we said at the beginning, almost no one is born with straight teeth.

As such, severely crooked teeth, which are caused by poor dental hygiene and a lack of maintenance, may cause complications when it comes to proper dental care. Even with the modern wonders of dental technology we have, such as interdental brushes and the various mouthwashes available in the market, failure to keep up with your daily dental health can lead to some undesirable results.

This can cause issues in your teeth and gums that may lead to even more serious problems like heart conditions or even diabetes, not to mention that crooked teeth may also affect your neck and jaw.

Now, the reason we said all that is to tell you that before even considering having your teeth straightened, you should have a good idea on your general health first and foremost. Just think of it this way: the healthier your teeth are, the easier it is to align them.

Plastic Aligners

If you’re unaware, you should know that there are available aligners out there you can buy over the counter. These plastic corrective attachments help move your teeth without the aid of braces or retainers that you can only get from professional orthodontist.

However, it must be noted that these aren’t as efficient as the ones done by a professional. As such, it may take longer to align your pearly whites using one of these.

On the plus side, though, these things are pretty much safe to use considering that they are not applied directly to your teeth, meaning you can remove them anytime if you feel any discomfort. If you’re wondering what to look for at your local drugstore, then just ask for a mouth guard!

Whatever you do, make sure that you keep yourself safe when performing any of these methods. After all, straight teeth is a huge price to pay if you end up with other unwanted issues. Good luck!