Everything You Need To Know About How To Use Biotene

Life has gotten faster now more than ever, and as such it becomes easier for you to neglect some of the most basic routines you should do in order to keep your health and well-being safe.

And, on top of the list of things we often overlook because of how busy we can get, is of course teeth and gum care. However, thanks to leaps and bounds made by the orthodontic community, we now have a lot of products readily available in the market that helps us keep up with our dental health.

For one, there are the products under the Biotene label. Now, you probably already have an idea – or even perhaps you’re already a patron of this product – of what Biotene is.

The question, though, is how does Biotene work? Well, wonder no more as we here at Beautisdom have come up with this handy guide about everything you need to know about Biotene!

What is Biotene?

Biotene is a brand of oral care products that encompasses a lot of things from chewing gum right up to mouthwash. However, if there’s one thing that makes it stand out from all the other brands out there, it’s Biotene’s touted reputation of being one of the best immediate remedies for dry mouth out there.

The Big Bad Dry Mouth

Dry mouth may not sound like any serious condition. After all, we can get parched sometimes, especially during those hot days or when we haven’t had our required amount of water intake.

But, you definitely should know that dry mouth is nothing to be taken lightly. Medically speaking, this condition is called hyposalivation, whose symptoms appear as its common name says: you experience a shortage of fluids in your mouth, and this could lead to a variety of other complications like sore throat or even injuries on your gum line, just to name a few.

There are a lot of reasons for dry mouth to occur. If it’s occasional, then it’s not too much cause for alarm; perhaps you just need a drink of water or maybe you’re taking some medication that leaves your mouth dry and parched (yes, we know what you’re doing!).

However, constantly getting hyposalivation may be coming from more serious reasons. Now, we don’t mean to alarm you, but here are a few of those reasons for people who constantly experience dry mouth.

  • The medication you’re taking
  • Fevers
  • Diseases caused by radiation
  • Age
  • Stress

The Problem with Dry Mouth

Aside from the damage it can cause your gums and the sore throat it can give you, dry mouth may also lead to damaging your teeth, and this is because the absence of saliva, which is the mouth’s natural cleanser, allows harmful germs and bacteria to cause plaque, tartar, and a host of other unpleasant dental problems.

Then, there’s Biotene

This is where Biotene comes in. Now, first of all, and especially if you aren’t familiar with this brand yet, you should know that Biotene is not a product that requires a prescription; it’s one you can get over the counter and is widely available at your local drugstore or supermarket.

Just go ask for this brand whenever you’re in one of those shops to get your fix.

People have been going crazy over all this gluten-free fad these days, and if you’re one of those people, then you’d be happy to know that Biotene products do not come with any gluten.

More importantly, though, is the fact that the brand also boasts products that don’t have any sugar in them, which is a whole lot worse than gluten.

The Biotene Gum

Let’s say you’re on the go and don’t have the time to face in front of the mirror and perform your daily brushing, flossing, and gargling.

Well, consider your problem solved with chewing gum, which Biotene offers. Sugar-free and instead using xylitol as its sweetener, chewing on one of these is perfectly safe for people who have conditions like diabetes.

Now, if you check the ingredients of the Biotene chewing gum, you’ll notice that it has something called Glucose Oxidase. Don’t worry, this is not sugar; it’s simply an enzyme that helps clean your mouth.

Even better, the consistency of Biotene chewing gum makes it so that it won’t stick to your braces or dentures should you be wearing either. Just make sure that you chew on it for at least 3 minutes to make sure that the enzymes each tab has gets to do its work.

Lastly, if you’re wondering whether there is an age restriction when it comes to this product, then rest assured that there is none: anyone from children to senior citizens can chew it.

The Biotene Mouthwash

Like we said, Biotene is a brand that encompasses different oral care products, and here we have the Biotene mouthwash. Being an alcohol-free solution, the brand’s mouthwash is also safe for people with certain medical conditions, not to mention that it has a less intense taste that’s easier on your mouth’s lining.

Additionally, accidentally or, and we hope you’re not one of those people, intentionally swallowing it does not have any significant negative side-effects.

To use this, simply pour in 20ml into a cup and gargle with it straight; there’s no need to mix it in with water. Also, remember not to rinse the mouthwash with water of you spit it out, since this would lessen its effect.

Now, what sets Biotene mouthwash apart from other brands out there is that it has calcium, which is used to restore and strengthen the enamel of your teeth, which means your overall oral health is improved with regular use.

Regardless of the brand of gum or mouthwash you use, the most important thing to remember is that you should always keep track of your teeth and gums.

Biotene is one of the many brands available out there, so just feel free to choose whichever you think suits your needs best. Good luck!