All Answers For The Wonders Of Sea Salt Mouthwash

We often overlook our dental health, and this could lead to some really serious problems. Not to mention, there are times when simply buying your dental care products off the counter tend to be inadequate in keeping up with your teeth and gum needs, so that’s why we here at Beautisdom have become real supporters of the benefits and wonders of sea salt.

It’s simple and, best of all, it is a tremendous help when it comes to your dental health. So, can you gargle with sea salt? Well, allow us to answer all the questions related to this topic!

Can you gargle with sea salt?

Absolutely! In fact, doing this is a whole lot better than gargling with mouthwash you bought from the supermarket or drugstore.

Why should you gargle with sea salt?

Well, not only is it a wholly organic and natural way to cleanse your mouth, but it also has tremendous therapeutic benefits. You’re going to find out more about the benefits a simple dose of sea salt gargle can do for you.

What can sea salt do for you?

If you’re looking for an instant remedy for those pesky colds, you should know that sea salt gargles or mouthwashes are some of the best instant cures out there. And that’s just one of its many benefits!

Is Sea Salt a Remedy for Sore Throat?

Why, yes it is! However, you should keep in mind that it always works best when paired with proper medication to cure your sore throat. What sea salt gargles and mouthwashes do is help relieve itchiness and pain caused by sore throat.

How many times should you gargle with sea salt?

Ideally, sea salt becomes most effective if you gargle with it three times a day. You may, however, up the number of times you want to do this if you have sore throat in order to stop it from hurting

What other benefits can you get from sea salt gargles and mouthwashes?

Aside from being a great remedy for sore throat, sea salt is known to reduce risk of flu and respiratory tract infections by approximately 40%. As long as you make it a habit, then you get these benefits! Isn’t that great?

Do you just pour sea salt right in your mouth and gargle it?

Of course not! There’s a very simple process involved when making your own sea salt gargle. Do not ever try taking a spoonful of sea salt and allowing it to swirl around your mouth; that could pose some real risks of injury to your gums and mouth lining.

So, what do you need to make a sea salt gargle?

Simple, all you’ll need is half a tablespoon of sea salt and a cup (250 ml) of lukewarm water.

Can you use table salt for this?

Yes, you can. But we have to remind you that it may not be as effective as a dose of organic and all-natural sea salt. So, we’d rather recommend you go for the latter.

Why do you have to use lukewarm water?

Yes, it’s true that gargling with cold water has its benefits, especially for toothaches, but you need to use lukewarm water here in order to dilute the sea salt and make it palatable. Otherwise, you’d end up with a rough mouthwash with solid bits of salt.

What do you need to do after getting the right ingredients?

Well, just pour in half the tablespoon of sea salt you have into the cup of lukewarm water and give it a good stir. Once you notice that the sea salt has dissolved in the water, you may take a sip and start gargling with it.

How long should you gargle with sea salt?

You can gargle with it just like any other mouthwash, which is for about 30 seconds before spitting it out.  To make it even more effective, make sure you use the full glass (250 ml) every time you gargle.

How many times should you gargle with sea salt mouthwash?

Like we said, it’s most effective if you do it at least 3 times a day. However, if you have sore throat, you can concoct a glass each time you feel itchiness or pain in your throat for instant relief.

Why is sea salt an effective remedy against sore throat?

This is because sea salt can eke out moisture from your inflamed throat and tonsils. As such, the itch caused by the dryness in your throat is relieved and its inflammation is lessened.

Can sea salt mouthwash get rid of harmful bacteria in your mouth?

It definitely can! Sea salt is an effective disinfectant that halts bacteria growth and spread in your teeth, gums, and throat.

Why can’t you just use table salt instead of sea salt?

Although it is true that iodized salt or table salt has a higher sodium count than sea salt, which is the active ingredient that ekes out the moisture from your throat and tonsils.

Are there any other reasons why sea salt is better than table salt?

Yes. Table salt runs the risk of accumulating bacteria from the salt shaker and has a really strong taste. Sea salt, on the other hand, tastes smoother and is made the natural way, which means you don’t run the risk of adding more bacteria to your already sore throat.

Can you gargle with sea salt if you have a toothache?

We recommend it, actually! You see, sea salt’s sodium can help speed up the healing process of your teeth, especially if you’ve just had an extraction. It does so by removing all the harmful bacteria around the area

But what if you have an infection?

Well, that’s all the more reason you should opt for a sea salt rinse. Doing so regularly ensures that your gums, throat, and teeth are free from any harmful bacteria that could cause pain and add to the infection you have, such as canker sores.

So, go on out there and have yourself a glass of sea salt mouthwash to make sure that your oral health is in tiptop shape! Enjoy!